The Complete Guide To Essential Camping Furniture

The Complete Guide To Essential Camping FurnitureIt’s the height of summer, and for a lot of folks that means lots of fun camping, whether on the trail, at the beach, or even in your own backyard. But don’t think your needs are limited to just a tent and a first aid kit, along with a grill. For a really rollicking good time, you’re going to need some essential camping furniture to go along with your other essential camping gear.

Features to Factor In

Buying furniture for camping is a bit different from buying furniture for your home. Several factors need special consideration.

  • Usage. How do you plan on using the furniture? You’ll have to balance the benefit you get from a piece of furniture with the trouble of buying and carrying that piece of furniture to your camp site. Do you really need to buy camping bedding if you’re not staying overnight? How many camping chairs do you need? Camping tables may also be useful if you’re planning to prepare and eat lots of food and there are many of you in your group.
  • 92067943Size. This is one crucial factor to consider, because you may find it very difficult to lug around a very bulky piece of furniture to your campsite. Even if you’re carrying everything to your car, you still need to plan how everything will fit inside the vehicle. That’s why many camping furniture can be folded so they’re more compact and more portable. Some types of sleeping mattresses are also inflatable, so that when you don’t need them you can just deflate them so they’re smaller. At the same time, you still need to make sure that the furniture is appropriate for the size and number of the people who will use them.
  • Weight. Obviously the weight must also be considered. Typical home furniture pieces are usually too heavy. For the most part, you need furniture that a single person can carry, since it can be very awkward to have 2 people carrying a heavy couch for any long distance.
  • Weatherproof. You need to get a piece of furniture that can stand a little bit of water. After all, it can get wet at the beach or there may be some summer rains. At the same time, you should go for something airy and cool so that you’re not too uncomfortable with the summer heat.
  • Comfort. After a long hike, or if you just want to relax on a beach, then your mattress and your chairs should be comfy and nice. It should conform to your body, and should let you really stretch out and relax.
  • Ease of Assembly. Since the main point of camping is to relax, you don’t want your outdoor adventure marred by a piece of furniture that’s too confusing to put together. That just takes the joy out of camping in the first place.
  • Waterproof. It should be waterproof, so that you can use it on the beach or by the lake. You also won’t panic if the summer rains come in. And people spill lots of drinks all the time. In addition, bedding and chairs should be airy and cool, because during the summer it can be very warm indeed.
  • Stability. Obviously, you won’t always get the benefit of a flat surface to serve as foundation for your furniture. You don’t want something too flimsy, and it should be able to handle uneven surfaces fairly well. You can use hammocks instead of mattresses, but then again you want to make sure that they’re secure when you hang them.
  • Price. You may not want to spend too much money on camping furniture, since you won’t really get too use them too often. Your living room couch and your bed in your home may be expensive, but you get to use them every day. You can’t say the same for camping furniture.

What Pieces of Furniture Do You Need?

41622525Here are some items which can really help you feel more comfy when you’re out camping:

  • Bed. This is crucial, because it can even serve as a chair or as a picnic area for your group. In the summer, you can also go camping overnight. You can even take lazy naps during the day. You probably won’t need a thick blanket, but you’ll still need pillows for comfort.
    If you’re going on a camping trip as a couple, then you need an appropriately sized bed mattress as well. Separate sleeping bags may not be as romantic.
    You can’t just bring your bed mattress with you, obviously. You need something that won’t tear easily. If you’re planning to put them on the ground, you may also need some protection from water. A hammock can be really comfy especially for a nap, but you need to make sure that it can carry your weight.
  • Chairs. These things can be very useful for camping. They usually don’t need as much effort to prepare, so when you’re tired after a long hike you can rest right away with a folding chair. It’s also a great place to just perch on when you’re people watching on the beach.
    On long hikes, a portable chair is important. You’ll want a backpacking chair that’s light and very easy to carry. But when you don’t have to carry it yourself for long, then comfort becomes the priority. That means you also need to think about accessories. An armrest can be very relaxing, and it may be nice to have some space for your coffee mug. It should allow you to recline, and a foot rest can also be very nice indeed.
  • Tables. For group camping, a table is always a good idea. It’s where you can prepare and serve your food, and you can always use it as a surface for your maps or other belongings.
    But again, you need to think about having to carry them to your campsite. Most of the times, these tables can be folded and are very light.

Once you’re done camping, make sure you take your camping furniture and everything else with you and that includes your trash as well. It’s just good manners. Besides, trashing a camp site can get you in trouble.